Carlyn Lloyd, flute and Jon Warfel piano with special guest, Gavin Coyle, vocals

IMG_6315“Luck ‘O the Irish” features Irish baritone, Gavin Coyle teamed with Carlyn Lloyd and Jon Warfel with pennywhistles, dulcimer and drums for an evening of music from the homeland with sing alongs and stories that will take you back to the ‘Ole Sod!

IMG_6310 - Version 2“The Great American Songbook”

The Great American Songbook is a term used to describe some of the most important and most influential American popular songs of the 20th century – principally from film and theater. Written from the 1920s through the 1950s, they include hundreds of songs of enduring popularity.

What makes these songs classic is their lasting value, and in structure, musical content, phrasing, and details of composition, they remain close to classical music.

These songs have the capacity to tell a complete narrative that we can connect to in an emotional way, even when we hear them outside the context of there original movie or stage production. The lyricist Yip Harburg commenting about musical theater said, “words make you think thoughts, Music makes you feel a feeling, but a song makes you feel a thought.”

Hear Gavin Coyle, Carlyn Lloyd and Jon Warfel bring the American Songbook to life!

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