Mark Baldin, trumpet and Jon Warfel, piano sample programs


“Trumpet Profiles”

This program consists of pieces with connections to various trumpet players. We start with Hora Staccato by Denitsu-Heifitz, The Concerto for Trumpet by William Perry, Portrait of a Trumpet by Sammy Nestico, and finish the first half with Flight of the Bumble Bee.

The second portion of the program begins with And the Angles Sing which was written by Ziggy Elman and finishes with The Harry James Trumpet Concerto.

The works are associated with such greats as:

  • Mexican virtuoso solo trumpeter, Rafael Mendez who was known as the “Heifetz of the Trumpet”
  • Timofe Dockshitzer, a Russian trumpeter who was the solo trumpeter of the Bolshoi Theater
  • American Harry James who led a big band from 1939 until his death in 1983 Illinois native, Armando Ghitalla who studied at Julliard and was a member of the Boston Symphony for 28 years
  • Sammy Nestico who arranged for the Count Basie Orchestra, the US Air Force Band and the US Marine Band
  • Ziggy Elman who joined the Benny Goodman orchestra in 1936 and wrote And the Angels Sing with Johnny Mercer in 1939 when it became the number one song in the nation.

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